Carpet Dry Cleaning vs Steam Carpet Cleaner

You may have noticed that your house, hotel room, office or any other place you visit, the articles seem dirty after thorough carpet care specialists. The air seems to be full of dust. You may be prone to infections and allergies, but also those around you. Does the air you breathe feel damp? You may have a dirty and damp environment all around you. This could indicate that the carpet you’re using is not clean.

How can we maintain a carpet that is clean?

No matter how spotless you believe your carpet to be, there is still a high probability that it contains stains and germs.

Let’s quickly review your experience of a carpet that is dirty.

Unclean carpets can be a breeding place for allergens and germs. These carpets can cause allergies, asthma, infections and fungi. Children and pets are the most affected. Allergy reactions are also contagious, meaning that more people can be affected.

Unclean carpet can also cause bad smells, which may result in headaches and nausea.

Although the stains may seem superficially easy to remove, they are a real problem if buried deeply in your carpet. However, “stains” does not only refer to marks and stains. Stains are not just marks or spots. They are the main cause of an unhygienic environment.

Carpets are expensive, and their installation is not inexpensive either. Dust, spills of liquids (foods, drinks, and juices), dirty legs, or blood stains are common in hospitals. We face many different challenges.

What carpet cleaning methods are there?

With time, the carpet cleaning industry also developed. Many advanced tools and cleaning agents are available in the market that make it easier to clean.

There are two options for carpet cleaning: wet or dry. The IICRC has developed clear standards over the last few years.

Steam or shampoo is used for cleaning. The chemical mixture is mixed with steam and cleaning shampoo, if necessary. Allow the spray to settle and act on the residue or stain. Vacuum extraction is the method used to clean carpets.

Have you ever seen someone sitting on the rotating wheels of an airport vehicle? In this case, the wet-cleaning method will be used.

Most people think that vacuuming dry carpets is all it takes. This is partly true. Dry chemicals can also be used, with just a little water to add moisture. Before vacuuming, the mixture must settle. While less intensive than the wet method, this is also a cheaper option.

No matter what method you use to clean the carpet, it should always be dry cleaned first.

Steam cleaning carpets

Steam cleaning is most commonly used for carpets. Dry chemical carpet cleaners are not used by many people because they can damage carpets and cause them to be ineffective.

Steam cleaners use hot water and a mixture of cleaning chemicals. Many carpet steam cleaners make this job easier. Other machines use only hot water. Some include heating systems. It distributes mixture evenly and removes any residues or stains. It also absorbs moisture and water.

Carpet cleaning: Steam or Dry?

Every method has pros and cons.

Dry cleaning carpets is less expensive than steam.

Steam cleaning is more popular than dry-cleaning, mostly because it penetrates carpets much better. Chemicals used play an important role. The dry chemicals used in dry-cleaning carpets can have a positive effect on your carpet but they also may pose some danger.

The steam carpet is a wet cleaning extension and it takes longer for the carpet to dry. If the carpet is not properly circulated, it can take up to 24 hours for it to dry. The carpets can dry up almost immediately and are ready for use with dry carpeting.

Professional assistance is available to assist you in choosing the right cleaning method.

Hire professional carpet cleaners. Based on their experience, experts can decide the most effective cleaning method for your carpets. Let professionals analyze carpet materials, chemical usage, and patterns of use to determine the level of cleaning required.

Wet or dry carpet cleaning is now available in hotels, offices, and homes. Our dry and wet carpet cleaning services can clean all types of carpets.
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