Have Fun with Harmonious Pastels!

A lot of famous artists have a reputation for painting. The different styles and techniques that are used by these artists are very popular. Many people experiment with different techniques. It is not uncommon for artists to use mixed media because they find it fun. The results can be amazing. In mixed media, there are so many embellishments and mediums that one can choose from. This makes the possibilities and combinations endless. Artists also tire of the brush and use other tools such as pencils, crayons or knives. It is a tool that not many artists have ever used. Even kids are using it, visit us!

You must use this tool, thread. Yes! Like I said before, we would use thread to dip in ink. We’d keep it between the pages of two books and then pull it to produce a lovely abstract design. Some people stop at this, but you can make a beautiful abstract design with just a couple of pieces of thread.

The thread-painting will only take you ten to twenty minute to complete. The process is simple and quick. This can be achieved with various colored inks, or acrylic paints. The technique can also be used as an art form. The painting will look like a traditional fine-art painting but with a lot less lines. Although you can include many details as in traditional paintings, the result will lean more toward abstract rather than fine art.

When using a brush, it is possible to paint one stroke per time, whereas in thread paintings, two to three can be used at once. The flexibility of thread painting is one advantage. Wet threads will allow you to paint more than dry ones.